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Tutankhamun - The Final World Tour

Tutankhamun - The Final World Tour

Discovered by British explorer Howard Carter and financier Lord Carnarvon in 1922. The tomb and legend Tutankhamun has received millions of visitors since being unearthed. None more so than on its recent world tour which has continued to sell out well in advance.

Currently in residence at the Saatchi Gallery until Sunday 3rd May the artifacts will eventually be returning to Egypt forever. Therefore, that does truly make the opportunity to see these treasures right here in the UK a once in a life-time opportunity.

Tutankhamun became popular some 3,200 years after his death with rumours around a curse of the mummies. The 1970’s saw a time where ‘King Tut’ was born with pop songs and cinematic tributes to what was ultimately a boy who became a Pharaoh at 9 and met his death at the tender age of around 19.

The exhibition itself does not disappoint the hype of this young king. With minute details of craftmanship in his burial treasures, there are layers of gold and precious stones a plenty. Every element has been thought through from lighting to music, demonstrating the iconic nature of this exhibition. Every vessel and artifact has a story and its purpose from a large statue guarding the tomb to gloves once worn by the king himself.

It’s rare that opportunities with such finite deadlines exist these days. We are often spoilt with time and choice which hears us muttering the age old saying of ‘I’ll get around to it one day’. But no such leniencies exist with this exhibition. The exhibition will be gone at the beginning of May and eventually return back to Egypt.

Whether its intrigue, the ability say you have seen it or a desire to understand more about it. We cannot recommend enough that you give this exhibition a go before it’s too late.

We have a few tickets left on some of our many tours, please search for tutankhamun on the home page.


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